Mapping the Book of Your Dreams: My Outlining Method

Download a Guide to Plotting Your Book

When I first started writing book-length projects, I realized I hated outlining down to the depths of my pedantic poet soul. I had always been a poet and a short story writer, so the idea of holding a big novel in my head stressed me out. I tried everything—Save the Cat, Scrivener, you name it. Nothing could help me understand what a book plot should be.

Then I realized, like most things in my writing life, that I am a person who needs to figure out a thing on my own. Thus, I came up with my book map: An 8-step plot structure that I use to outline my novels.

This is a deep dive into my specific plot structuring process. It is a shortened version of a document that I will share with you at the end of this post—a document that I also use with my freelance editing clients to find a plot shape for their books.

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